Save your Money by Performing Laser Hair Removal At-Home

If you have had enough of constant removing unwanted hair from your body then perhaps you should consider laser epilation as this will eliminate the need for ongoing hair removal. Laser epilation was created in the late 1990’s and is now used widely around the world for both men and women in areas of the armpits, bikini, legs arms back, chin, upper lip and more.

Laser hair removal can either be performed by a professional or even from the comfort of your own home with your own device. The laser devices available today work effectively and just as good as going to a professional allowing you to save trips to the salon and money on each treatment.

Laser is Only Suitable for those with the Appropriate Characteristics

Laser epilation most suitable for those with fair skin and dark coarse hair; white and gray hairs cannot be removed and those with red hairs are better off finding another hair removal method. The most suitable candidate’s melanin content in their hair will be much darker than the epidermis. The thermal energy destroys the hair itself as well as the cells from which the hair would usually grow back again.

It’s also important to ensure that you don’t have any contraindications to the treatment which include certain medications, injuries, pregnancy, diseases or even tanned skin as a matter of fact.

How Laser Works & How Long it takes to get the Desired Results

The laser light destroys the mature hair follicles which are on average 5–20% so with each treatment only parts of the follicles are depilated. This is why it’s necessary to undergo a series of treatments. You will need approximately 6–8 treatment sessions with intervals of 8–12 to achieve the desired results.

The laser flash of thermal energy is mainly absorbed by the hair and doesn’t really have an affect the skin at all. The laser light beam is a very narrow wavelength which makes the procedure safe as there are no other hairs or skin structures affected which is a major advantage when comparing to IPL systems as the effectiveness decreases and the risk of burn increase.

The Procedure Painful

Laser will not hurt if it’s performed on a person will the appropriate characteristics. If the skin is too dark, the melanin is increased on the skin and the laser has an effect on melanin. This is why it’s necessary to have light skin and darker hair as the laser will not be directed anywhere but to the hair itself and no skin burns will occur. So during a laser treatment you may feel only a slight discomfort, it’s often compared to the feeling of a rubber band getting flicked onto the area. The feeling is absolutely tolerable but if you are aware of the fact that you have sensitive skin, there are certain ways to combat the pain like applying an anesthetic before the treatment.

Prior to Treatment

· Before the laser treatment, you may not wax your hair or remove it from the root with any other means of hair removal one and a half months before. The roots must be present in the skin; otherwise, the laser depilation simply will not work.

· No sunbathing, four weeks beforehand;

· Shave 1–2 days before the procedure as long hairs can lead to burns and an insufficient procedure.


· No rubbing the skin;

· No excessive heat (sauna, hot water);

· No sunbathing for 2 weeks;

· No abrasive cosmetic scrubs.

Treated hairs will fall out within 3 weeks of the procedure. After all the hair has fallen out, the area will stay hairless for a few weeks and then new hairs start to appear, this is the indication for the next treatment, which is usually 2 weeks after the appearance of new hair. You should continue the course of treatments necessary until the desired result id achieved whether you want the hair density reduced or the hair completely eliminated. It’s is not recommended to interrupt the treatment.