The education system Africa needs…
Femi Longe

GBam! Wrote this on my FB Wall a few days ago.

My message to Prof…

Do the fundamentals- reform the public service especially the civil service and judiciary (clean up the madness), do serious Identity Management by acquiring biodata on every citizen -to unleash the financial system and encourage inflow of FDI because of the increasing transparency, make the Govt more nimble- retire the geriatrics, devolve as the party promised in its manifesto to the states- especially the security apparatus which should be streamlined.

To create jobs faster, engage in PPP in key sectors of Energy, Technology, Aviation/Tourism and Agric and sell moribund companies into the stock exchange to jump start confidence and you won’t have to borrow a dime.

On power, put a professional in charge even as a realignment with petroleum is needed under a single ministry of energy to get gas to power quickly. Strengthen NERC oversight, enforce disco-GenCo mergers/consolidation by regulatory requirement and enforce contract on the buyers that didn’t have money or expertise to invest . Quickly liberate the 13 major urban areas from DisCo shenanigans. by allowing unlimited embedded power generation with wiling buyer/willing seller conditions. If necessary pass a constitutional amendment to this effect to drive through this change without which our economy is dead. Get to work, quick playing around.

Leverage nimble and smart young professionals across the public service to deliver these projects and get the economy buzzing again. To reduce pressure on the Naira do a direct intervention in fixing the refineries by co-opting the original builders and get global traders that have interest in the produce to finance it as Vittol and Glencore have offered despite being rebuffed by the NNPC cabal. Fix and List the refineries as integrated oil companies spin-offs of NNPC which should be proscribed as it is a waste of our collective heritage. Transfer the assets of NNPC worth owning into NLNG type JVs that should be listed on the Stock Exchange to re-energize it. Get the Telcos to list too. Watch as FDi dollars flood in.

Even more importantly while doing all of this, focus on Education, Education and Education. Fire the current unimaginative guy wasting the future of our children and bring in global experts to stop the madness. Invest 26–30% of the budget in education, strengthen community ownership with partnership with states via grant allocation instead direct control, restore teaching ethics, civic education and history in our schools and you can literally eliminate EFCC in 6 years because we stop churning out perfidious children though a system that undervalues work and Glorifies connection, stealing and disloyalty that we currently run. Anything short of this is a waste of time.

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