Fresh out of strong

She is such a strong woman, nothing touches her.

“How does she do it, how does she stay so strong?” It has taken work, a lot of work to build that impervious skin, where just like teflon, nothing sticks.

She cries, but not for long, there…

Your light

All I wanted was love

After all the pain after all the strife

All I wanted was peace

After years of crying and praying

All I wanted was an answered prayer

After all the broken promises and lies

All I wanted was truth

After all you have been…

Let me love you

It had been dark for too long

All her thoughts, actions came from bleakness.

Darkness inspired her, she was addicted to the darkness, the sadness, walls closing in,

Darkness made her creative, just like self-flagellation in her futile attempt to atone for unknown sins, vileness, depravity.

When you are lost and alone

And your words seem locked in your head

When you have so much to say

But life has painted you in a corner

When the only way you know how to deal

Is put your words on paper

And a little “birdie” whispers in your ear

Medium is where you need to be

When the first piece you read is by one Tamyka Bell

And you immediately realize it is safe here, you are home

Freedom to breathe and to be

And though I have never met you, thank you for your words, for the inspiration.

Thank you for writing and thank you for the inspiration

Tamyka Bell


Missing you by day

Wishing for the cool “Victoria” nights

Oh, my elusive bliss.

An entire weekend.

I work so hard days on end without a break.

Always looking forward to those three days I will be off and free to do whatever I want. Maybe visit friends, maybe go out to a nice restaurant and enjoy a Saturday afternoon out.

Maybe, just maybe…

Just like a lotus flower blooms in the mud

You will never know how it feels, how it really feels to be in love unless you have experienced it. See, I have lived my life believing that I have experienced love, and to be honest it was not all that it was cracked up to be. I did not…

We are beyond broken.

This relationship has run its course

You cheated and lied, you pushed me away.

You hurt me so much, I hurt you back.

One of us needs to recognize that it is not going to get any better.

There must be someone out there, who will inspire you to do what you could not do for me.

I am wishing that for you; Love, happiness, devotion, fulfillment, growth.

but first, let me go. You have to let me go.

Every new year brings new hope to mankind. That is just the way it is. We hope that with the new year we will learn to do things better, different. That we will make better choices. We will cut down on wheat and maybe lose a few pounds. We…

I am a thirty something year old woman who cannot deal right now because she has separation anxiety.

I have always claimed that my 10 year old son cannot deal with being separated from me. But shipping him to grandma’s house for three weeks to “teach him how to cope with being away from me” seems to be working against me. It has been one and a half days and I miss him terribly. I have called countless times and he is fine. I find myself resisting the urge to pick up the phone and call him because truth is, if there was any concern I would receive a call first.

Now, I still have another three odd weeks without my baby, what am I going to do with myself?

Just B

I write my story every day. Bruised and broken? Not me! Just like a lotus I bloom from the mud and show my beautiful colors.

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