"I don’t have money” seems to be the excuse of most people for not handling their responsibilities, or not executing their tasks, goals or target. 
I heard of a story of a man who participated in building a facility aimed at improving the quality of lives of members of his community. Everyone contributed in cash and kind, however he had nothing except his time, energy and intellect. He said to himself “since I don’t have money of gifts to offer, I can as well give out my energy, time and intellect”. At the conclusion of the project, he was found to have contributed the best of resources. His zeal, passion and knowledge were more valuable than any other material resources ever contributed. 
Let this also be your mentality/ideology/ philosophy. Develop a value-adding mind-set. No matter how broke or poor you’re at the moment, there is always something you can give to other people. Locate the right platform to contribute or give what you have, seek opportunities to give what you have. It’s not only about the money, yes, it not all about the money. Money is just a part of the whole, not the whole. 
Today, in your home give love to your family members, help with chores, assist with kitchen duties, get to the supermarket or market to get groceries, foodstuffs, etc. Just seek to contribute something. 
For your office, team or group, put your best in projects, bring in new ideas, seek for platforms to improve the performance of the organization, and also yours. Contribute regardless of little or no financial rewards. 
Don’t forget to Start Today, Start Now!

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