#Memo: Running With/After The Wrong Booty?

With their wings stretched out and their legs gathering speed, the chickens appeared like Aeroplanes preparing for takeoff on a runway as they dashed towards the fish head that was thrown out. At some point their feet left the ground as if the tower had radioed the Tarmac is clear for take-off.

One of these chickens however arrived at the location of the fish head and promptly picked it up. With the booty safely gripped with his beak, he sprang off without even looking back. Apparently he could sense his comrades on his heels.

As this chicken bolted away, I was tempted to call him the ‘Usain Bolt’ of the chicken world. I soon realized a name change might be needed when I noticed this chicken would give ‘Ronaldo’ a run for his money as he dribbled the others from one end of the compound to the other.

The others seem to possess the endurance of Kenyan athletes as they charged after the chicken with the fish head relentlessly.

After some minutes and lots of sweating under the feathers, Ronaldo finally stopped to assess the booty before taking a bite.

He couldn’t hide his disappointment when he found out the booty he had been so enthused about was not even edible!

Disenchanted, Ronaldo strolled off.

By this time the others had caught up and I could almost hear them sigh and say “Finally!” when they saw Ronaldo walking away. Only for them to be greeted by the same (Mr) Disappointment when each assessed the fish head and found it not edible.

Sweaty, tired and crestfallen, they strolled away in search of something edible.

As I also walked away from the vantage point where I had been watching this drama, it dawned on me how much life lessons could be drawn from this.

I wondered how we often sign up to a cause, profession, course and so on without proper assessment of its benefits, our abilities, resources, and so on. Soon we tire ourselves from running and dribbling others (even ourselves) and we end up disillusioned — “Oops! Wrong booty.”

How about the ‘Wannabes’ of this world? They would [blindly] run after other people’s possession, dream, ambition, fame etc; they live in the shadows of others. Appearance is everything to them. Envy is a close companion — they want to have what others have that they don’t.

After tiring themselves, they also soon find out there is a difference between what is Gold and what is Gold plated.

Life sends us #Memos like this once in a while. Are we reading them?