The Eternal Treehouse
Brian Chesky

Brian, thanks for the sweet article. My wife and I have used Airbnb all over the world. It has enriched our lives, enabling us to feel the flavor of America and Spain in more depth and in delightful ways. Our son has loved being a host in one of the world’s great cities for several years. Hosting has given him exposure to guests from far and wide, and provided him with extra money — which he has carefully saved or used to enhance the two rooms that he offered. He worked hard to provide a good experience for his guests, and received excellent reviews over a four year period.

That’s why he was devastated , angered, and frustrated to suddenly be informed by a letter received in the mail that his listing had been canceled. There was no explanation given, nor has he been able to speak with any representative of Airbnb despite making every effort to do so.

Our son’s experience has understandably colored our perception of your company — for we know him quite well, and tend to believe what he relates to us!

So, having a chance to communicate with you through the comment section of your post, perhaps you could be so kind as to respond to me (you can Facebook message me — I’m the Brad Bush in Newark Delaware) and tell me why such an action was taken toward my son, and why Airbnb seems to have no mechanism in place to adjudicate problems, choosing instead to simply cut off a loyal customer — one who took as much pride as the sweet couple you profile in the post you made — with no explanation whatsoever.

Thank you for considering my comments.

Brad Bush