Coffee for Two

Jams on Jams on Jams.

I love the vocals on this track, she reminds me of an early penya era. With such gems I can confidently say that local music is on the rise.

This is your ultimate chill out jam, its that song you want to blast in your car on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Its safe to call it my jam of the week.

There’s something majestic about WITHER, maybe its the melodies, the sample selection or the rap flow that’s so beastly, all I know is it just works well. Also, I just dig the producers (santhosh) sound, he’s like 21 and he got the juice. Check out his Soundcloud page.

Accidentally heard this jam on my iTunes library and it was such a boogie-able (yes, its a word) jam. This song is the very meaning of Nostalgia. It has all the right ingredients of a proper 90’s Hiphop Dancehall track. I just love it.