Individual Idea Generation

How might we put away hair staighteners or curlers right after using them.

New Warm-Up Game

My warm up activity involved having my participants draw a few different basic items with a minute to draw each. This forces them to show their sketching abilities and not have to be embarrassed about it later on. It is also fun to look at how other people drew the same thing. Overall it loosened everyone’s mood. I had them draw a house, a tree, any ball they wanted, and a car, lasting 4 minutes total.

The warm up session also involved zip-zap-zop and disassociation word ball.

Session Organization

Ethan - In my writing class, has never used a curling iron or straightener

Delanie - Straightens her hair almost every day, goes to the U

Claire - In my writing class, never has to straighten her hair but has curled it for special occasions.

Mehka - Uses straighteners and curling irons occasionally, we knew each other in high school.

Claire, Delanie, Mehka, Ethan

We started our session in a classroom in Lind Hall but had to move to a conference room across the hall shortly after we started our warm up games. We started with my warm up game, Zip-Zap-Zop, and disassociation wordball. After this, I explained the rules (no judgment, etc.) and told them the criteria for their ideas. I also had them sketch out any ideas they came with, and I showed them mine. We then started our Idea Generation, which lasted 22 minutes. I did not participate in this because I was taping the ideas on the board. By the end we had 61 ideas, for an IPM of .7.

Running out of Space!

Sorting and Voting

During sorting I had them sort the ideas into groups without talking, like we did in class. Once that was finished, we talked about what the categories should be named. As we were doing this we found that some of the categories could be combined and some of the ideas had to be moved around.

In the end we had 5 categories, these were:

Immediate Storage Solutions — this category included ways to put your straightener or curler away right away without a cooldown.

Techy — This category was items that would need a certain amount of technological advancement in straighteners and charging methods.

Cool It — This category was methods of cooling hair straighteners and curling irons before putting them away.

Right After Use — This section was for ideas that were items you could use to help wrap the cord around the hair device.

Cords Cords Cords — This section was ways of storing the cord or wrapping it up quickly.

We then voted. I told each of them to mark 7 Xs on whichever ideas they liked.

Top Ideas

Based off of ideas by: Isaac, Isaac, Claire
Based off of ideas by: Isaac, Isaac, Ethan
Based off of ideas by: Ethan, Ethan/Isaac
Based off of ideas by: Isaac, Mehka