If you have been part of the food industry for the past 2–3 years, then you have inevitably heard the term ‘Blockchain’. The popularity of the technology, most notably associated with bitcoin cryptocurrency, is spreading to different industries and services including that of food and beverages.

Now, I am not your savvy tech professional per se; however, the increased popularity of the technology has intrigued me to understand its utilization in the food industry and how it can solve problems of both manufacturers and consumers.

“You should be taking this technology seriously as you should have been taking the development…

An insight into a millennial view on meaningfulness in the workplace

source: https://www.reluctantlybrave.com/free-ideas/2017/12/workplace-millennial-5-strangely-enough-all-workers-want-things

Seeking to make a difference, finding a purpose and having meaningful work is one of the most common topics brought up among my friends. Most are dissatisfied and don’t feel that their jobs are fulfilling. This is not rare among millennials. In fact, 84% of our generation seek purposeful work. While this purpose-driven image of millennials capture us as an ambitious generation, it seems like we are unable to fulfill this goal.

Having personally experienced this, I felt stuck in a toxic cycle seeking meaningful work, feeling dissatisfied and…

How seeking perfection can hold us back while failure help us advance and grow..

Perfectionistic view on Results

Throughout my years in school and in university, I’ve always felt a tremendous pressure to achieve the perfect score and perceived any grade lower than an A as a failure. I have carried on this belief to my workplace. Since there wasn’t a grading system, and in my case there wasn’t any structured performance reviews, I had to rely on my judgment to evaluate my performance. It wasn’t a pleasant experience! I always felt like I had the potential to do better at a task even after spending considerable time and effort working on it and receiving a good feedback…

As a college student, I always seemed to know who I am and what I am about. Picking a major was probably the hardest part, but I knew I was a hard-working student, maintained a good GPA and occasionally participated in extracurricular activities and that seemed to be enough at the time to leave a good impression. The dilemma surfaced when I started my job. Being a fresh graduate, working in a job not closely related to my studies and not having a clear vision on my career made it harder for me to present myself. …

Bushra Yassin

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