You are precious, tell them to those, which you love most

But how?????….. By giving your time, to them and talk to them

It’s hard to start a conversation to that person, which is your dear one or your love one. You become getting conscientious about their sensitivity, their emotional behavior. You want to give more time to your dear one, you want to spend more time with them, and you actually tell them that I love you so much, by taking care of them. Sometime it’s really tough to say that I’m busy at this time, can I join you later. You don’t want to miss that time.

Every-one has a best friend or a comfort zone, where they can easily share everything to someone else. They don’t feel any type of hesitation there. Everyone feels need to share their good & bad experiences, their childhood, their life goals, their dear ones. If everyone become rude and say that I have no time to listen you, then ‘world became hell to everyone’. Even “God” gives a lesson about humanity that if a person hears God’s poor man voice, then he will be ultimately listen your voice.

So, let’s start the main story, my mother is my ‘Buddy’. Seriously, I remember that when I was a child I was always want to live with her, but my schooling was hurdle in this case. I had want to tell her at that time, that I don’t want to leave you any more about its stupid and long journey. (I’m talking about my schooling journey). But now, I realized that she was quite right, school was important for me. Anyhow, now when talked to them and I feel their feelings then I realized that “she is precious for me”. She do not know that how much she is precious for me. She is the most wonderful person which I like most in this world.

One day me and my mother was sitting in a room and I asked my mother that what’s your story, what’s your thinking about world, people’s behavior, how was your childhood and what you feel need more in this world. She told me a very funny story about her childhood and I really enjoyed it. She said, that this world demands clever people, people of this world are most dangerous for another one. I said, really?? Then again I asked, it means that you don’t enjoy the life’s journey? She said, perhaps not. I said, why? She then spoke after a pause that,

“Man should be relaxed in his life. Only you can give respect to your dreams. Keep plan your life and then struggle for it. This is only one life in which you are living, there is no another chance for live it again. Be happy and calm in your life. Forget about those days in which you had feel bad, people who have leave you, will never come back. If they feel really need you, they will tell you and if they were not then you have to continue your life again and with great courage”.

Then I realize that she is absolutely right her experience is more important for me. After all this discussion I have seen that now she is more relaxed and she has really enjoyed discussion with me. One thing I want to mention here that your dear ones are precious for you, you should give them time. If you’re not interesting in something else and you did not discover your passion, your love, you are still wasting your time, as my mother discovered that ‘Man should be happy in this world’. You should show interest to your elders when you are listening their life story, it feels good to others that he\she is excited to hear me, or may be someone is interested in my life story.

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