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If you are asking this question, do yourself a favor and skim through the free O’Reilly book Static Site Generators: Modern Tools for Static Website Development.

The quick answer is because you can have a static website and still have all…

Sample of a styleguide

Which industry?

Website builders, specifically creatives.

What are native HTML form elements?

After links, one of the most important parts of the internet are HTML forms. It’s how communication gets done. Native elements are part of Hypertext Markup Language. Out of the box, the browsers support them (for the most…

or How I learned to love URL squatters

I, like most people, was alerted that some glorious troll “purchased after the Iowa caucuses and redirected it to the Wikipedia page for Donald J. Trump” this week. This level of trolling deserves applause and some LOLing. But after a moment of reflection, there was no way that…


Web developer Daddy who is jealous of all ski bums.

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