Can you hear in the stillness?

Image courtesy — Jared Erondu

Analysing people has always been of interest. I have always been curious of finding out why people do what they do?

To be able to observe their behaviour, review their actions with respect to circumstance, find patterns in their personality and figuring things out fascinates me. I love to subject myself to such analysis as well, dissect my feelings, thoughts and actions. But that doesn't necessarily mean arrive at a conclusion all the time about myself (it is easier to analyse others) :) !

I don’t know how I chanced upon this huffpost article about Type A’s. I had heard about this before, but thought it must have been just a phrase and not necessarily a personality type (don’t think it is scientifically proven) as it is not much used in my part of the world. When I finally read about Type A, seems like someone was writing about me. One particular part struck me.

I realised that I fear wasting time.

I have a constant need to keep doing something all the time, wherever I am! Or I feel I am not being productive and I am wasting precious time. Later a realization struck that I don’t have to be on the go all the time… It occurred to me, that even in the thick of situations, it is okay to ‘Be Still’ quieten your mind and soul. I should take that time to pause, observe, assimilate before I take any course of action. I am a planner and always take time to plan ahead; but when I am in the centre of action, my focus is making sure all that I have planned happens as per schedule. But sometimes you will be more efficient when you pause and think. Perhaps you realise you need to correct course, or let that time pass you by while some situations resolve on their own.

“The quieter you become the more you can hear”

I realised that I don’t need to be ‘on the ball’ all the time, sometimes it is okay to take a step back, quieten, consolidate and then move ahead. Being still or quiet doesn't mean that I am wasting time. It can also be a time to strengthen yourself.

While analysing the flying patterns of birds, mathematical models predict that flap-gliding is more efficient than continuous flapping at low speeds.

I am just loosing efficiency by just flapping all the time and putting all strength on my wings. But on the other hand using the flow of air well and angling to glide will give you momentum to soar.

Even in the chaos, it is best to quieten down and power yourself from your source of strength.

“Be still and know that I am God” — Psalm 46:10

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