DDK and DINEX Attend Crypto Event in Vietnam

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Dec 3, 2019 · 5 min read

‘The New Age Of Crypto’

DDK and DINEX Attend Crypto Event in Vietnam

‘The New Age Of Crypto’

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: DDK Foundation and Dinar Exchanger team attended the seminar in Vissai Hotel, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam asserting the continuous progress of the crypto market. The event was hosted by renowned Vietnamese group — VDA. VNDC and DDK Foundation also mutually collaborated for the event.

The seminar was attended by more than 100 cryptocurrency enthusiasts to learn how crypto offers relatively favorable investment opportunities.

The event registration started at 1:00 pm followed by Emcee Introduction and DDK Master Founder’s speech. DDK’s Dato Arai Ezzra welcomed all at the event and shed light on crypto as well as DDK development. He applauded Vietnam’s crypto-friendly environment and stated that Vietnam is the only country that has a direct transfer from DDK to VNDC. He also talked about DDK’s new achievements hoping that DDK and VNDC will eventually collaborate for FinTech, and blockchain-related future projects.

DDK Master Delegate Mr. Victor also came on the dice to educate the audience on the staking economy. He explained the audience on DPoS protocol and projects that it benefits. He also educated masses about the staking and voting system, its performance, and market scale coupled with the advantage of using DPoS for crypto projects.

Mr. Hussaini, DDK’s manager also explained about products and its partnership includes DINEX, DNC and Blockspace. His presentation helped people to learn about different projects and their roadmap for the right understanding of the product to make the best decision.

Next presentation of Dinar Exchanger (DINEX) CCO by Mr. Maulana who emphasized the importance of trading & exchangers and the difference between crypto, Forex, and stock trading. Mr Maulana introducing the PingPong 1 satoshi techniques for trading. He also encouraged the audience to take an active part in trading activities for the growth of a crypto asset.

Project CEO Ms. Shuhada Zainal sharing her valuable knowledge on how to identify the real blockchain project. According to her, learning about team, whitepaper, community & support, code (GitHub), existing business, Advisors, and Security or Utility are the key factors to look prior to making an investment decision. Minor negligence about any of these aspects can lead to severe outcomes.

Later on, Mr. Nguyen Phu Quy — CTO VNDC educated the audience about first-ever Vietnam’s stablecoin (cryptocurrency) developed by the VNDC team. He explained that the mission of creating a VNDC coin is to provide a feasible and modern financial and economical tool to Vietnamese. The closing speech was delivered by Chairman VNDC Mr. Alien Le Nam the mission and vision statement stating that shares about what inspire him to create the VNDC.

At 4:00 PM, the MOU Signing Ceremony was held between DDK and VNDC Management to share and collaborate in future. After Q&A and photography sessions, the event reached its closure successfully.

Observed on December 1, attended by cryptocurrency and blockchain professionals, and enthusiasts, the event helped the audience to get deep insights into the crypto market.