Top 6 Uses of AI in Everyday Life

4 min readMar 10, 2023
Top uses of AI
  1. Sending messages

2. Commuting to work

3. Searching on the Internet

4. Facial recognition technology

5. Social Media

6. Voice to text apps

Sending messages

Sending messages have become a great part of everyone’s life. We can’t really imagine how it is possible not to be able to contact your friends and loves ones anywhere and anytime, can we?

Talking about chatting in your private life, or sending emails in your professional one, AI is there. Whether it is the Autocorrect you use in your smartphone, or Grammarly, a great tool to check spelling and grammatical errors in emails and text files, AI can save you a lot of time.

Sending messages with AI

With it, you can make sure your messages are accurate, phrased correctly, and ready to send! It is implemented so smoothly, we don’t even think about it anymore.

Commuting to work

It might not seem obvious at first glance how AI contributes to commuting to work, school, or anywhere else, right? Well, that might be because it’s so advanced and works so well, we don’t anticipate it being there.

If you ever used Google Maps, or other route-planning apps, you got the best results thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Whether it was for any driving route, or commute to work with public transport, it provided a great help getting you there as fast as possible.

Commuting to work with AI

For instance, the previously mentioned Google Maps use AI to monitor traffic in real time, considering that as well when providing you with the best route. Also, it can check the weather conditions.

Moreover, it accounts for your transfer time between public vehicles, or calculates with their latency, so you’ll know how to get to your desired location with public transport ASAP!

Searching on the internet

For those who work in marketing or ever encountered with Google Ads to boost their sales or website traffic are more likely to know this fact.

Whenever you search on the internet, with Google Search or other search engines, there is a reason they are called engines. They don’t only consider the keywords you typed in the search bar, but also your history of searches, how much you spend reading certain articles or browsing products, your location, etc.

With Big Data being mined whenever we use the internet, we’ll get results which are most relevant for us. Therefore, it is highly possible, that when you search for something, you’ll get different results as I would do.

Also, every ad you encounter on the internet is provided for you using the same data. Naturally, all this wouldn’t be possible without seamlessly implementing AI!

Facial recognition technology

Everyone knows what I mean if you watched those detective films from the 90s or 2000s. On a regular basis, the good guys caught the bad ones with facial recognition. Although it might not be as realistically portrayed in the movie, authorities can also work similarly with the help of camera recordings in public places.

Also, to mention a more familiar, everyday use, think about your smartphones! Now, you can unlock them with not only your fingerprint, but with your face as well. Just look into the camera, and boom! Magic. Or AI. Whatever.

Social Media

All successful social media platforms work similarly as search engines. They account what you were watching or looking at and for how long, and the algorithm will present content that is most relevant for you. That is why it’s so hard to stop scrolling on Instagram or TikTok!

Netflix also implements AI. It’s not accidental that we always get recommendations that we will watch and engage with. Once again, it is AI-technology working “secretly” in the background…

Voice to text apps

I’m sure you heard about productivity booster apps. One of them, voice to text apps are also based on AI.

What’s cool about them is that you can enjoy its benefits in not only your professional, but also in your private life. No matter the industry, you’ll find a way to increase your efficiency with them for sure! Whether you need to transcript speech or audio files in the office, record important meetings, or making searchable and helpful lecture-notes at your university, voice to text AI has got your back.

For instance, the Alrite voice to text AI offers a comprehensive set of solutions, making it available for you to:

- Record your or others’ speech

- Convert audio or voice to text

- Simply edit the text file to make it 100% accurate

- Search within or between the files for relevant phrases

- Share your files or lecture-notes with friends and colleagues

Alrite voice to text app

Generate subtitles for videos if you want to upload online content, and many more!

Moreover, to stick with Alrite’s example, it transcripts speech in 5 languages (English, German, Spanish, French, and Hungarian), and can also translate voice to text between multiple languages!

Voice to text AI can really boost your productivity, and trust me, it is worth a try! You can try its comprehensive set of solutions now for free, it’s really cool!

Whether you want to implement it at your workplace, in school, or you want to make your online content more inclusive, you can always count on AI!




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