Creating an environment where assets from all decentralized networks are able to be traded to each other with plentiful liquidity is one of the most important targets that Ocean DeFi aims for. As mentioned in previous articles, our solution is to be a trustless middleman either representing crypto assets in the form of Empow-based synthetics or execute the trades with the smallest slippage by combining liquidity on Ocean Interchain DEX and on other DEXes. Explaining in detail, Ocean DEX brings 2 highlights on the table to ensure all interchain trades go through smoothly:

The crypto sphere has been replete with numerous blockchain-based projects and innovations in recent times. While many of such projects are positively stirring the desired change in the financial ecosystem, a handful of others have been unable to stand the test of time.

The ability of a blockchain project to stay resilient and to transform in the face of challenges, competition, and regulations is a key determinant of its sustainability in the long-term. With many blockchain projects and networks in the crypto sphere, the growing strides of …

Ocean DeFi’s public sale is just around the corner. You can pre-visit where the sale will take place at and get used to everything there. To give you the best preparation, this article will present detailed instructions on how to use the sale website and participate in the last investment round of Ocean DeFi.

First of all, you can partcipate in the Ocean DeFi’s public sale via both websites and mobile phones. The 2 ways are different in the list of accepted wallets. …

Curious about how the public sale of Ocean DeFi is organized? Below is the some highlight that you should remember

Parallel Public sale & Listing

The public sale of Ocean DeFi is structured as below

Note: The accepted currency in the public sale is ETH. Before each sale round takes place, the price of ETH will be fixed. For example…

Secondary market is an important as it liquidates “locked assets” and give financial service users a flexible position. In the new DeFi world where the total value locked has reached nearly $8B, the demand for an efficient secondary market is arising. That’s why Ocean DeFi decided to develop Ocean Liquid. the liquidating marketplace providing liquidating DeFi service for users of Ocean DEX and Ocean P2P.

Problem of locked assets in DeFi space

DeFi innovation is largely happening on Ethereum, underpinned by the major lending and borrowing platforms such as Compound and Aave, and to a large extent, powered by widely-adopted stablecoins (USDT, USDC, TUSD and DAI).


The second important service in an complete financial service platform is lending & borrowing. That’s why Ocean DeFi P2P was born and has been one of the backbones of the platform.

1. What is P2P lending at Ocean DeFi?

P2P lending is a service to help match lenders with borrowers without the participation of financial intermediaries. Collateralized assets are stored safely in smart contracts secured by the Ocean DeFi. Lending Marketplace allows users to set their own interest rates and terms.

2. What coins/tokens are accepted as collateral?

ODEFI token is the required collateral. In addition, you need to deposit BTC, ETH or USDT as collateral. Support for other major altcoins are coming later.

3. How much collateral is needed for creating a loan?


Brief introduction

Ocean DeFi is a scalable one-stop interchain DeFi platform owned exactly by you.

In other words, Ocean DeFi is the mirror of the world of traditional financial services in the decentralized world with scalability and autonomy.

Ocean DeFi product hub is made from 3 marketplaces:

Beneath Ocean DeFi, there is a Ocean DeFi DAO governing all the operation of the interchain DeFi platform. Lastly, Ocean DeFi is powered by Empow Network, an ultra-fast blockchain tailor-made for the ecosystem of social finance applications.

Try out Ocean DeFi:

Multi wallet (for interacting) with Ocean DeFi


In our vision of DeFi, a complete DeFi platform must allow users to participate in an one-stop circle of financial services: exchange assets, lending & borrowing assets, and liquidating assets. That’s why a swapping marketplace, or a DEX is the first DeFi product that we built on Ocean DeFi platform,

What is Ocean DeFi swapping marketplace (Ocean DEX)?

Ocean DEX is a fully decentralized cross chain swap protocol, based on Empow Network, with automated pricing and liquidity system. Ocean DEX enables swaps between any coins on any blockchain which uses ECDSA or EdDSA as signature algorithm, including BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, LTC, etc.

The most important problem that…

The ecosystem of blockchain applications is buzzing with energy from the rapid growth of DeFi, a new type of finance that runs on trustless protocols that remove the need for intermediaries. To ensure the full decentralization, many DeFi applications are building themselves as community-owned products in which their operations are governed by Community.

For this reason, one of the most promising initiatives in the field of DeFi is the community-governed DeFi platforms. Ocean DeFi DAO is one of them. It is an ecosystem built on Empow Network, a scalable blockchain with the Proof of Social Reputation consensus mechanism. …

It’s no doubt that Decentralized Finance or DeFi is the most vibrant sector in the blockchain world recently. Just over the past year the amount of ETH locked in DeFi applications has grown from $300 million to over $7 billion now. In terms of user-based growth, the space hasn’t witnessed any similar growth like this.

But the fact is the growth takes place mostly on Ethereum, the blockchain which many well-known DeFi products such as Uniswap, Kyber Network, Aave, etc are based on. Users holding coins & tokens in different blockchains are reluctant to get involved in the various DeFi…

Ocean DeFi

DeFi product hub built atop Empow Network

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