How to create a TRX account and load it with TRX. How to make money on

1、Download the Tronlink extension from the Chrome web store by clicking on “Add to Chrome” at here(Tronlink wallet):

2、Choose a password for the wallet

3、Create a TRX account

4、Save your mnemonic phrase and do not share with anyone

5、Enter your mnemonic phrase

6、You have secured your TRX account

7、Search Google for an exchange for buying cryptocurrencies, or you can use one of the most widely-used ones,, and register an account.

8、Select Buy Crypto

9、Select Buy USDT

10、After buying USDT, select Classic

11、Find TRX/USDT pair, then buy TRX with USDT

12、Open your spot wallet

13、Copy your personal TRX address from your Tronlink

14、Paste your address into the “Recipient’s TRX Address” field; click submit

15、Verify on Tronlink

16、Return to select 5 TRX mode after keeping Tronlink logged in and then click Play to begin winning money in a 5 TRX room

Website: or




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