Match-Fighting System Manual

1 min readMay 7, 2020

After each game, players gain, lose or maintain their stars based on their placing in the game, and placing is based on mass in the leaderboard. The more stars you have, the higher your Dan, and the more access you have to higher value rooms in future.

Players of the same Dan will be matched in the same rooms, which will make for much more fair and even battles among players of similar skill levels. As the number of players and rooms grows, players will be matched even more closely with similarly skilled players.

Dan grades currently available:

Players of 1–3 Dan may only join 5 TRX rooms.

Players of 4 Dan may join 10 TRX rooms or 25 TRX rooms.

Please note:

a) If you lose all of your lives in a game, you automatically lose 1 star.

b) Currently, the maximum stars is 11, and highest Dan-grading is 4 Dan.

c) It consumes 1 star each time for players above 4Dan to join 10 TRX or 25 TRX room

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