So You Want to Be a Business Designer?
Misa Misono

Business design is a bit more than just apply design thinking to the business world. Beside the fantastic design thinking process we need to understand that a business is more than products, sales and services. We need to understand that there are more points to innovate in like the revenue model, the team & values of a firm, etc. So really good business design only works if we give the designers new boxes to think in.

I really like that Ideo went for business design since that was my major critic in 2009 on design thinking.

In a good business design team we need people with different heads. A business background does not much. There we need different roles as well like the customer whisperer, a business architect, an business economist and a team builder. With the canvas, so many people forget that we do not design building blocks but an organisation for and by human beings.

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