Choosing Pet Friendly Hotels

3 min readAug 11, 2016

If you are thinking about bringing your little pets with you on your tour then it is a good idea that you look for pet friendly hotels in the destination you are travelling to. This will make your trip more enjoyable for you and your pets.

Nowadays you can find a number of hotels and places that are pet friendly like the airports that have dog cases, litter boxes, pet stores and even grooming centres for pets. When choosing a hotel of your choice you must not forget to check whether the hotel provides these amenities as added features.

Check the following before beginning your trip:

Check whether you have taken your pet’s requirements like doggie book, papers, and an ID tag carrying your pet’s name, your contact number and address.

Pack the things like your pet’s bedding, food for your pet, water tray, leashes and litter box. These are a must that you should prepare beforehand.

Also keep with you the medical history record of your pet, a first aid kit and medicines in a small bag.

Before you start for your trip it is good to consult your veterinarian and get your pet checked to ensure it is in proper health and fit to travel with you.

It is safe to take your pets in kennels or pet crates. Hence you can take them along in case the hotel would need you to kennel your pet when you leave it inside the room.

Characteristics of a pet friendly hotel:

A pet friendly hotel should welcome pets the same way they welcome us. It is also important that the ambiance of the hotel makes your pet feel at home. There should be a good customer service offered by the hotel for your pets when you need.

The hotel you choose should be convenient for both the pets as well as the guests. Most hotels have parlours, souvenir shops, boutiques and service centres in their lobby. Make sure that the hotel takes care of your pet when you are busy spending time for yourself.

To make your pet enjoy during the stay in the hotel, they must have some amenities that are pet friendly. They must have amenities like pet travel carriers, pet crates, vehicle pet barriers, leashes, etc. that are available readily whenever you want to take a trip to the town with your pet.

A pet friendly hotel would carry services that are pet-oriented. It should include bedding and mattresses for the pets on request, supplies for grooming your pet and also other services like empty litter boxes and services for taking your pet on a walk.

Also check whether the hotel has a veterinarian within the facility similar to an in-house doctor on call for its guests. If you find that the hotel doesn’t have an in-house veterinarian then make sure you stay at a hotel that is located nearby a veterinarian. It is important that you consider the safety, security, luxury and comfort of your pet whatever destination you are travelling to. To find a list of all the pet friendly hotels in your destination check with your travel agent before starting your trip.

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