12 things savvy kiwi business owners do better

This is the title of book that New Zealand business owners need. The content exists in the 100 interviews already and the task is to surface the most compelling stories from each interview.

By threading these together into a cohesive theme, I can showcase how regional businesses thrive in New Zealand while providing actionable marketing insights small business owners need.

This is where you come in.

To create the book of the quality that this series deserves, requires professional editing and publishing. While I funded the interview series personally, the book publishing is another $25k and another 6 months work.

This will deliver the groundbreaking insights that students and business owners look for to succeed.

Of course, it will only be written if enough of us decide it’s worth writing. It’s not the dollars, it’s the vote that you want to see it published. 1 Vote or one hundred votes… as long as we get there.

100 x $250

5 x $5,000

20 x $1,250

1 x $25k

If you pledge $5k or more, you’ll be acknowledged in the forward.

Put your hand up now and say you’re in contact@iamryan.vc. They’ll be a short PledgeMe campaign to make it official.

BONUS: For every $500, you receive 5 copies free.

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