Can Stereotypes Harm Black Lives And Livelihoods?

Stereotyping is obviously when a person makes a snap judgement or thing that influences his or hers decision making. Whether it’s good or bad when it comes to certain groups or things we get millions of bits of information going through our heads. In my opinion I feel that we stereotype , not just people but things also so we have mental shortcuts to move through the world more affectively. Even though it’s pros and cons us as people have to make quick judgements to make life easier which is the right thing to do, it’s part of life. The news that we see today sadly show the crime rates being higher in certain populations and those populations are of course minority populations. With that being done it creates an insist stereotype that a black boy or a black man is linked to danger more than a white boy or a white man due to us not seeing those same associations for white people as a whole. When you get a chance go read about Amadou Diallo who was an unarmed black man who shot by the police due to them thinking he was holding a gun when in reality he raised his hand and had a wallet.

That’s some crazy stuff right? Ask yourself the question that the blog is titled and answer the question yourself based on how you feel and what you see in the media today.

My name is Rodderick Barney aka known RJ. I am currently a student athlete at Penn State New Kensington and pursuing a Bachelor’s in Communications.