Go Global Or Die

The Truth is stranger than fiction. Hence, I like to share real life experiences as I don’t believe in fantasies. I believe in doing things because nothing comes close to the lessons learned by execution and pushing the limits far beyond any imagination can go. Anyone can imagine great things but a successful execution of an idea and strategy needs hard-earned experience and expertise.

People are getting smarter and technology is becoming an indispensable part of our daily life. You can no longer feel safe in your home market because they are being invaded by foreign companies. Due to advancement in technology and social media, the world is shrinking and political boundaries are no longer a limitation for any individual or a business.

No matter where you start your business, you can’t survive in the market unless you get creative and strategize to grow and expand. Growth is the only way to survive in this highly competitive business environment.

Most of the business owners were comfortable after they explored the local market and stagnated their growth. They failed to see the bigger picture that even though they have saturated the local market, big corporations are coming in, spending millions of dollars and creating new markets and changing the existing rules that are suffocating the local businesses. Small and Medium Enterprises don’t have millions of dollars for market creation, the only way for them to survive is bringing their products and services to a new market at limited cost.

It is a debatable topic that exploring a new market outside the political boundaries may seem to be an expensive move but in reality, it’s not. The budget is also impacted by the size of the expansion. A company needs to complete complex formalities and paperwork which needs expertise for a successful execution. There are hundreds of ways for a firm to expand into the international market but only a few approaches are sustainable. I am not saying this on any theory or an assumption but have advised and helped hundreds of organizations to reach out to global markets with ease.

Staying local is no longer an option for businesses, it has become a necessity for their survival.

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