Dear Money

I like to help people in every area of their life. I know in the empowerment biz people like to say “what’s your niche, what area of life do you specialize in?” Well, I like to think I’m a LIFE & BUSINESS coach. I help people in various areas of life. What area do you need help with? I truly believe there is a root cause for every problem in life. If you are having a weight problem there’s something that happened earlier in life that caused it; the same with love, work and money.

Because I work with my Tax clients, I see quite a bit of problems with people’s energy around money. Therefore, I teach people techniques to clear their blockage around money. One of the best techniques to combat Money issues is to forge a relationship with it. Understand its purpose, and understand how to appreciate it.

The first thing I did when I came to the realization that money was an issue for me, was write a heartfelt letter to my money! Yes, you heard me right! I wrote a letter to my MONEY!! I wanted Money to know exactly how I felt about it. After I wrote the letter I felt clearer about what my intentions and my relationship with money are. I also felt that I made it clear to money how I felt. It may sound funny but just like with any relationship, we need to set clear boundaries and establish a positive mutual relationship. I suggest you try it. Once you try it, you will see, or rather feel what I’m talking about. I know you have heard people say writing is far more freeing than keeping things in your head. I totally agree with this . . . I didn’t always but I most certainly do now. Writing helps you get into the FEELING aspect of things. The universe responds easily and quickly to our feelings whether good or bad. Money can’t talk but it can hear and if you call it (Vibrationally) it will come!! :)

Below is my very first letter to my Money!:

Dear Money,

I apologize for letting my ego get in the way. I was so busy not wanting to seem as though I was greedy for you that it came across like I didn’t need or want you around. Let’s get this clear!:

I Love you Money!

I Need you Money!

I Want you Money!

I Respect you Money!

I Appreciate you Money!

I’m Grateful for you Money!

I just don’t Worship you Money!!

I apologize for the misunderstanding. We are two positive balls of energy, let’s stay together and be the powerful force that we are. As you know, together, our energy is Magical!

Thank you for accepting my apology and forgiving me! ❤

I Love you Money. Welcome Home ;*) xoxo

***singing*** back together again!

Look out for my new product Spiritual Economics. A course that teaches the fundamental daily disciplines that will get you in the Money vortex and help you attract and keep money flowing to you quickly!

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