Affordable Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in India

There are many important parts and tissues in thehuman body but amongst all the bone marrow is something you shouldn’t take lightly. Blood, which is one of the essential things that keeps a human alive is produced in bone marrow. But due to many reasonsthere are sometimes when the bone marrow of a specific area of a body gets damaged. But because of the modern medical,we have nothing to fear and bone marrow transplant in India is becoming easy and affordable. The Arvene Health Care in India provides one of the best bone marrow transplants in the country at the most affordable prices making it in everyone’s reach. The Arvene Health Care is associated with the best doctors and surgeons in the country providing the top class services.

Arvene Health Care Support

Not just medical facilities, the Arvene Health Care supports you in many other things related to remedying. Not every patient is same and there are many things that decidepatients to get cured. The Arvene Health Care understands this and helps you take the decision which is best for you. If you are from a different part of the country the Arvene Health Care will also helpyou to get a temporary stay and they know that language is a big problem when you come from a different part of the country. For that, they help you in travel and many more things.

What is Bone Marrow Transplant?

When due to thevarious reasons bone marrow of a certain area of your body gets damaged, it requires immediateremedy. Transplanting it with the help of a surgery in known as bone marrow transplant or stem cell transplant. The immediate transplant is required to stop the damaged stems from spreading. When the damaged cells are transplanted with healthy cells they again start to produce cells. Bone marrow transplant becomes necessary if the patient has leukemia, lymphomas, immune deficiency disorders, multiple myelomas, solid tumor cancers and severe aplastic anemia.

Types of Bone Marrow Transplants

The type of bone marrow transplant completely dependson the donor who is donating the stem cell for the patient. If the genetic type of the patient and the donor is same then the transplant will be allogeneic bone marrow transplant, on the other hand,unrelated bone marrow transplant takes place if the donor and the patient are not related. If the stem cells are the patients then the transplant will be anautologous bone marrow transplant. A parent can also donate but the genetics should match.

Stages of bone marrow transplant

First, to determine how bad the condition is thorough tests and examinations are done. Next, a donor is searched who’s genetics match the patient and bone marrow is harvested from the donor. When everything is ready a final check is done before transplantation. If everything is okay the expert surgeons transplant the cells in the damaged area. After the transplant, you may have to stay in thehospital for a few days for recovery.

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