Keeping kosher is not as difficult as you think!!

With a small amount of knowledge regarding the Jewish law (Kashrut), you can easily keep kosher. With the growing number of kosher restaurants now days, it’s not any more difficult to find a kosher restaurant where you can get your favorite dishes like kosher falafels, kebabs, humus, schwarmas, and grilled schnitzel. Keeping kosher will be easy for vegetarians as most of the kosher laws have to do with meat. The basic kosher rules are very simple to follow.

1). Buy kosher certified products

While shopping go for products which has symbols to designate whether it is kosher. This kosher certification confirms that a product meets the requirements and restrictions of kosher law.

2). Avoid eating meat and dairy together

Cooking or eating meat and dairy together, putting dairy foods and meat on the same plate or even eating them during the same meal, even a tiny amount is not allowed in kashrut law as it is against cooking an animal in its mother’s milk. There are non-dairy alternatives, like non-dairy creamer and margarine you can have with meat.

3). All animals are not kosher

According to Jewish dietary law, animals that have split hooves and chew their cuds are kosher; such as cattle, goats and sheep which means pigs are not kosher. Only fishes with fins and scales are kosher. Shellfish such as shrimps, crabs, mussels, and lobsters are forbidden. Insects are never kosher. So vegetables, fruit and other products that are infested with insects, must be checked and the insects removed.

4). The kosher animals must be slaughtered in a certain way

According to kashrut laws the kosher animal must be slaughtered in a certain way so that unconsciousness is instantaneous and death occurs in 2 seconds.

5) All wines and their derivatives are not kosher

All wines, brandies, liqueurs, grape juices, soft drinks with grape flavoring or coloring, must be made under strict Rabbinical Supervision in order to be considered kosher.

6) Dine out at kosher certified restaurants

While dining outside don’t go for regular restaurants as they might mix kosher and non-kosher foods together. So go for restaurants with kosher certified sign. There are many apps which can help you find the nearest kosher restaurants.