Vye Fitness — A Brand that Helps People Achieve Their Fitness Goals

27 year old Kate Miller from Sacramento, California was entering 2018 with a New Year’s resolution, to tone her body more before 2019, a goal many of us have but a fewer amount stay focused long enough to reach. The definition of ‘vying’ is to compete or contend for a certain outcome, and the Vye Fitness brand reflects its name.

Kate goes to the gym regularly and has been dieting in early preparing to get a ‘jump start’ on her routine. As part of her motivation, she purchased a Vye Fitness product, a new startup brand based in New York City that is designed to help motivate people to achieve their fitness goals.

Kate Miller, Sacramento, CA

According to a Vye Fitness spokesperson, “we believe that when someone wants to achieve a fitness goal, everything should be in tandem to help them achieve it. People have ‘lucky charms’ that they arbitrarily attribute luck to, but have a placebo effect to increase confidence. Warriors have historically flags to represent their identity and increase courage for battle — common inanimate objects, why can’t fitness products be the same way?”

Flags Depicted in Battle

That premise, is what drove the creation of the Vye Fitness product brand. Since then, people like Kate have been purchasing Vye Fitness products with the intention to stay focused and achieve their fitness goals. According to Kate, “Every time I see my mobility ball from Vye Fitness, I think about the others who own the same ball and how they are fighting for their own goals. I feel like I’m letting them down, but I feel like they are all working with me, each to reach their own goal.”

Vye Fitness isn’t just about losing weight, its being used by professional athletes and body builders around the world to reach their goals from winning competitions to looking and feeling sexier.

A young athlete, Dave Adler from Dallas was practicing to acquire a football scholarship for his school. He had a coach, mentor, and was physically motivated. Dave wanted products that reflected who he was and how he felt about himself, which is why he joined the thousands of others at this quickly growing new brand to purchase his training equipment.

Dave Adler, Dallas, TX

Vye Fitness is not just about fitness products, its about helping people achieve their goals ‘vying for what they want’ with the support of a brand behind them. Its tribal and every time a person uses the product, it serves as a reminder that there are millions of others pursuing the same goal and if they were present at that time, would motivate them, much like the spirit of a marathon or competition.

“Every time I unroll my agility training ladder from Vye Fitness, I think about what it means to compete. To me, its about playing college football and being the best I can possibly be. I want the products to use to reflect who I am tell the world where I’m going.”

Dave tells us that he knows there are others that feel the same way and he believes that the best fitness brands serve as agents to success, they are not just objects to be used and discarded.

Vye Fitness is part of a wave of new products in a generation where networks and groups have never been more important. Platforms like Reddit are communities for people to collaborate and in the past, brands and t-shirts to support causes established an unspoken bond among those who wore them. Likewise, athletic products and personal fitness equipment is the same way, at least, if you have something worth vying for.

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