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Benefits of investors from Dubai free trade zone businesses

Investors always calculate their profit before investing in a business. Most of the investors expect

high returns at low investment. If you are one among them, then should check the possibilities of

investing in the Dubai trade zone companies. The government of Dubai is providing many benefits

to encourage business in different trade zones of Dubai. There are trade zones for each business

activity. Some companies are interested in starting a new business there, while some others are

interested in starting a branch of the existing business. It is easy to have a business setup in dubai

freezone. It won’t take much time and effort to setup a business in trade zones.

Every year government is adding new trade zones in Dubai. From this itself we can understand the

growth of economy and the tremendous growth in the different business fields. Those who are

planning to setup a business in Dubai can check the different trade zones and the type of business

activities that each trade zone is into. Dubai has become an excellent niche for business people as

the environment for doing business in various trade zones are really good. You can do business in a

great way when you get all the facilities in one place itself.

By starting a company in Dubai free trade zone the company owner is able to own the complete

ownership of it. Outside the free trade zones a foreign company is not able to hold full ownership.

They have to give 51% of the ownership to the citizen of the UAE. Moreover, the company can have

complete repatriation of capital and profits. You can decide what to do with the working capital and

with the profit. When we get rights to take decisions on capital and profit, we can decide in which

way we should perform the business.

Another great benefit is the full freedom in the transfer of funds. You don’t have to pay for

transferring funds from any country to the free trade zone business. Normally we have to pay a

certain amount in order to transfer funds. In free trade zone there isn’t any such restriction. Benefits

of free zone Company in dubai are many.

There are many companies that consider forming a company in Dubai just for export or import

purpose. As import and export duties are nil for trade zone companies, will get a lot of benefits.

Again, many trade zones are giving nearly 25 years lease options for warehouse facilities, as per the

availability of areas for production and assembling. Easy recruitment procedures and not much

expensive workforce is yet another attractive feature.

Most of the investors like to incorporate companies within vey less time. Free trade zone business is

carried out in a fast way. It wont take much time to incorporate a free trade zone company. When all

the factors are favourable for doing business in free trade zones, why do you have to hesitate in

starting a new company?

Business Setup in Dubai