How to create your own business wellness (and a happier life)?

Chaos, negativity, frustration. Exhaustion, demotivation, nervousness, depression. Sounds familiar? All these emotions are actively affecting many employees and business owners at the work in these times of turbocapitalism.

But the experience could be completely different. Your workplace could be a place where employees would feel fulfilled, happy, inspired, and respected.

Lasting business success demands a holistic approach. Not only holism is a concept you work on individually and is connected to your own spiritual growth, it is also a doctrine that is incorporated and lived by on every level of life, including your business (life).

Only a harmonic/balanced and efficient business ecosystem can lead to consistent and powerful business results.

Many entrepreneurs and companies struggle in their businesses mainly because of their inappropriate organizational infrastructure, the lack of much-needed management skills and because they are surrounded by people who are not right for their company. Or even worse, their business has no organizational structure whatsoever. But why struggle if there is an EASIER way?

At the end of the day, when you look at the business, it all goes down to one core element — your employees.

Every successful business starts with happy employees. People work with people. Sure your product or your service is important, but the key question is: How do you make your customers feel? What transformation do you bring to them? What value do you bring to your customers? This means that Happy employee = happy customer = recurring revenue = happy entrepreneur/owner.

I strongly believe that wellness can be achieved in every business. Every company can build an organizational culture where employees and customers feel fulfilled, are loyal to the company, wholeheartedly believe in its vision and are contributing their best to the success of the company. By having your own business wellness, you can create a nicer and healthier environment for everyone and thus bring general happiness to the lives of both your employees and customers.

So where do you start? As an owner/manager/entrepreneur, the very first step you should do is foster your relationships with your employees. Relationships are the key as values, they are based on, constitute your working climate. Be honest, passionate, open-minded, reliable, and a mentor to your employees. Foster team spirit and encourage your employees to support each other. Listen to your employees and empower them.

Employees have the need to be respected and valued. They want to develop themselves and fulfill their dreams. Be a good leader by making them feel seen and heard and acknowledging their contribution to the overall success of the company.

The world is changing as we speak. The rise of awareness has begun. People are more aware of what they desire and want to live differently. They want to live, not struggle. By practicing business wellness and being a business wellness leader, you can take care of your business and your employees at the same time and thus contribute to a happier society.

Foster well-being in the workplace and transform yourself into a business wellness leader. That way, you will naturally achieve your business goals and even surpass them, not to mention you will reduce employee turnover in your company. And this is definitely worth trying.

How do you create your business wellness? What type of relationships do you foster?