Fellows And Staff

It would be an aberration to type a lot of words without Andela it’s self surfacing. When it’s sounded, what comes to mind first is brilliance and a strong Vision. But allow me unveil more truth about it. Andela is a movement and what makes it so are people who i can define as amiable. They are logically consistent or coherent for a better word (yes, i mean all). When i was coming to be apart of the great team, one thing i always expected was meeting new friends and given the fact that collaboration and team work are highly valued, my expectations couldn’t be cut short. Let me tell you a few of the fellows and staff i interacted with and share each one’s amazing attributes in a jiffy.

N.B: A fellow is an Andela developer (what you might call a worker, employee or colleague)

Kironde Suubi: (haha) this brother of mine from Uganda. The demure facet of him is so evident. We happened to arrive at close time intervals. He’s the first i talked to and one of the many motivating things he said was “we must win”. Kironde is one dude who i imagine has never hustled to make a new friend. He’s motivated enough to bring out the best and without doubt, i can say he’s a perfect fit to become a cohort 10 fellow.

Ivy: she walked in after we had already sat though the boot camp session hadn’t began yet. In one word just, she is elated. She offered Business computing but her love for programming is evident. One of the many amazing things about her is her openness and her love for kiswahili (kenyan). Though fluent in English, it’s kinda inevitable for her to not to speak a kiswhali word in 15 minutes(huh!!)

Jimmy Kamau (Facilitator): He’s already an Andela developer and my facilitator. He’s easily approachable and too quick to help. On this particular day he served as the ‘stack overflow’ for the boot campers under him. One of the many amazing things about Jimmy is availing feedback. As i type this i have no option but extol him for his influence in my advancement (dah!!).

Kironde Victor: Another Kironde, if you are in Uganda and you own that name just apply, you will go through. That name at Andela is associated to brilliance. Mahad and Victor have been supportive but let me describe Victor in a sentence. He’s available to help whatever issue you are having (yah, any issue), we shared a lot and what i learnt from him was more than what i expected. He is an Andela developer (cohort 8).

Maggie (Facilitator): Maggie is one friendly person, just a glance at her proves her exceptional by how she presents her self. A maestro at python, she is an Andela developer at the Nairobi Office and a facilitator during the current cohort 10 boot camp. Approachable, friendly, brilliant and self debased to make others better (though she is better) describes her enough. We didn’t share much but i saw she is rising the Andela flag high.

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