1 Guitar, 3 Months, Street Music, Couchsurfing, Hitchhiking, Budget 0€

Hi everyone!

My name is Carlos. I was a travel agent for over 4 years until last month when I quit my job to travel around Europe with my guitar.

The Plan

Busking around Europe earning enough money to afford accommodation, food, and transportation. Hitchhiking and couchsurfing along the way to minimize the costs.

The Route

There is no fixed route planned, so let’s see where things will take me!

The Equipment

Taylor acoustic guitar, my voice and a backpack.

Staying Up to Date

I will keep you updated about my travels and busking locations here with new blog posts. If you see I’m in your area, please come by and hear me play. Should you have a couch or ride to offer, I’ll be happy to get a message from you :)

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