Second Annual Snapchat Q&A

In 2015, we launched our first ever Snapchat Q&A to help admitted Terriers who are unable to make it to campus decide if BU is the right choice for them. Accompanied by an Admissions Officer, we sat down for hours answering individual questions via both snaps and text chats on the mobile messaging app. Given its success, we decided to repeat this year and bring a current student on board to help answer questions related to student life.

We cross-promoted on our main University Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr and our Admissions accounts did the same. Over the course of two hours, our team answered questions on student life, admissions tips and academics.

Kyle Plantz (COM’16) and Admissions Rep Henry Wilder

We received dozens of snaps in the form of videos, chats and photos! We did our best to respond via the medium our audience used, but found personalized videos were a great touch! We even got artistic when asked what makes BU stand out from all of the other colleges and Universities in Boston:

Trust us, we could’ve written more!

Some students preferred to use the chat feature to send us longer questions, which we appreciated because we could give much more detail in our answers!

By the end of the two hours, we were feeling the love!

And we even got some fan art from a hopeful Terrier!

Some Key Takeaways after 2 successful years:

  1. DO make sure to introduce yourself. We gave faces, names, back stories and personalities to our Snapchat helpers this year and it made them much more identifiable. After mentioning he was originally from Syracuse, NY, Kyle was asked why he chose BU’s communication school over Newhouse at Syracuse from a student struggling with the same decision. This level of personalization elevated this year’s discussion over last year’s.
  2. DO invest in props — white boards, iPads, notebooks, and colorful markers are all essential to telling a fun, impactful story.
  3. DO communicate in the language your audience is using. Did they send in a video message question? Video is the preferred way to respond. Did they reach out via a photo snap? Challenge yourself to get creative and respond in the same way. This indicates a communication preference and keeps your responses fresh.

Have questions about our use of Snapchat or want to share your own success story? Get in touch!

By: Emily Truax, Digital Engagement Associate, Boston University