I am always fascinated by the online fence sitting persona that is the enterprise tech industry employee.
How To Discover No Name And Description Twitter Accounts For Folks In The Enterprise
Kin Lane

I was on the social media agency side for many years, then went into the “enterprise” for two and a half years, and then recently came back out.

My assessment is that the enterprise tech employee gains more (at least near-term) by networking internally within their enterprise, whereas “on the outside”, we need to network more externally.

There is a book, “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi, that espouses “build your network before you need it” — that book really changed my perspective on things early on when I was an introverted tech-geek, and it’s one I recommend constantly to people in enterprises who don’t do a lot of external networking but want to expand their horizons.

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