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find something good and find crazy people to bitch about it. What a dumb article. The first problem was in the WaPost when they cast Trump’s solar idea as a slap at the wind energy producer world. And, now some dork says that south facing solar panels are not perfectly aligned with the best possible production so SCRAP IT!!! How dumb can you people be to believe you do anything other than make total jackasses out of yourselves. And can you imagine the stupidity of saying stop it because concrete is not environmentally friendly to make. (so stop all freeways, buildings, block walls for houses cement shoes for dumb environmentalists (no don’t stop that one) and all the other uses for concrete. This wall is a big nothing compared to a day’s production of concrete. So more insignificant garbage propounded as material when it isn’t…. The antiTrumpers don’t seem to think. They just react badly to good ideas. This will be millions of percent less disruptive than I8. And if it produces power, even if only enough to power the laser canons that will be used to vaporize migrating mexicans it will be a good thing.

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