38 is great.

Annual review of my favorite ideas.

This is my 9th year of yearly birthday reflections. Here are the previous 8:

Update on last year’s motto: more kiloslogs

My 37th year started off on an exploration of the kiloslog, which is my made-up word representing the idea of working slowly towards a distant goal (see 1 Metric Kiloslog for a full explanation). I set the goal to do 1,000 small things that would get me closer to running a marathon. I’ve been thinking about this all year and ended up finally going on a couple 5+ mile runs in the last few weeks after spending almost an entire year working on knee issues. I actually felt quite victorious even with this small goal since the frustration of this particular knee issue has felt extremely frustrating in its lack of progress despite PT, stretching, and lots of patience. I’m still not entirely sure that I’ll be able to fully recover without giving in to knee surgery, but since it’s gotten a bit better recently I’m holding out hope. That said, I also have a referral for a good local orthopedic surgeon to take a look the second I lose hope. I did stop using technology to track my progress around 900/1000, because I found that the work of tracking was as difficult as the work itself. A common theme in my frustrations with quantified self and self-tracking in general.

New ideas for the new year

A couple themes / ideas have been swirling around in my head, seemingly unconnected for the most part. The kiloslog mentioned above is one of them. Here are some very brief descriptions of a few others:

A new motto: cultivate quality time

For the last 9 years now I’ve been doing some sort of birthday review. And for the last year I’ve been doing a monthly report that I send out to a small group of friends (inspired by Nick Crocker’s Elephants) with a quick update on monthly progress, some personal stuff, and a hello.

Prototype of a Codex Vitae:

How to play

  1. Every day: In the morning, read the list under Review Every Day.
  2. Every month: On the 1st of every month, read the list under Review Every Month.
  3. Every year: On your birthday, read the list under Review Every Year.

Review Every Day

Things I’d like to have primed in my brain every morning. This is stuff currently churning in the front of my brain, which probably has high turnover but which also has a good chance of getting somewhere new.

  1. Look at what’s uncomfortable: Don’t avoid the unresolved, unwanted, conflicted things that would benefit from attention.
  2. Slog towards riding a bike on my 100th birthday: Eat mostly plants. Exercise regularly. Think decades, not days.
  3. Review/update this list

Review Every Month

Things I’d like to check in on the 1st of every month.

  1. Review my Beliefs
  2. Review my Personal Canon
  3. Write a new Monthly Report and share
  4. Review/update this list

Review Every Year

Things I’ve learned and want to remind myself of every year on my birthday (May 28).

  1. Review my Yearly Reviews
  2. Write a new Yearly Review and share
  3. Review/update this list

Author of Why Are We Yelling? — a book about the art of productive disagreement. I run 750words.com. Previously product at Patreon, Slack, Twitter, and Amazon.

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