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I agree with everything you’re saying! I’m honestly just confused about where you are getting to some of your conclusions about my personality and intentions — but I want to understand them better! As far as I know, nothing in my post was talking about regulations or restricting guns, and I mostly focused on the idea that legislation (either adding or removing it) might be a way to frame the idea of reducing violence. I am in many ways arguing for the exact same thing you are, an honest, outcomes-driven approach to gun violence. Let’s push aside the bullshit and get straight to the issues! I definitely feel that same urgency and interest coming from you. Am I right?

I think you’re right that there’s a lot of evidence that a majority of homicides come from illegally obtained guns, for example. And that suicide and homicide are two very different things lumped under the topic of guns. And that many of us liberals are a bit annoying because we get off track so easily and focus on the wrong solutions all the time, just to make it seem like we’re doing “something”.

I haven’t proposed any solutions. Just a desire to talk and learn. I think many people are approaching a complicated problem with simplistic answers, on both sides… some appreciation for the gap between our simplistic model, and reality, is definitely in order.

My goal with the conversation was more about how we might find ways to talk to one another more productively. Take people like you and I, for example, who presumably have many differences between each other, and hardly know one another… is there any chance we might push aside our instant judgments about each other and dig for some similarities? Or is it hopeless? I hope not.

Help me understand your take and position on this. I want to understand where you’re coming from, and I want to listen to the points you feel have fallen on deaf ears especially from liberals like myself.

What’s your intention with this conversation? Is it to educate me? If so, I want to listen. Is it to lash out at me? If so, feel free… I don’t mind. Or is it to perhaps connect with me on some shared level and to find a worthy conversational opportunity to discuss heated topics in a world where we’re feeling increasingly distant and polarized from one another?

What’s your story? What do you want to know about mine?