Hello crypto lovers, here we got new token named COBINHOOD. Let’s read all about it below..


COBINHOOD could be a cryptocurrency service platform for the blockchain era. initial|the primary} service launched by COBINHOOD is that the world’s first zero fee high-frequency cryptocurrency commercialism exchange that solves existing issues of cryptocurrency exchanges. It provides spot commercialism and margin commercialism with ZERO commercialism fees to maximise traders’ profit and market liquidity. COBINHOOD additionally provides ICO underwriting services to unravel the matter of ICO token liquidity problems.

It is nearly associate indisputable fact that cryptocurrencies have come back to remain, and notwithstanding the quantity of laws being projected to either monitor or out-rightly ban the operations and commerce of those cypto assets, there’s really without stopping in view to their growing quality and acceptance.

The growth of cryptocurrencies (mainly because of their suburbanized nature while not a central dominant body) has additionally displayed several opportunities, particularly within the world of finance, technology and innovation. one in every of such opportunities is that the rising trend of Initial Coin giving, widespread referred to as “ICO”.


The COBINHOOD platform is constructed on Google Cloud Platform and is programmed with Golang for top concurrency. By design, every commerce combine is transmitted through a passionate order matching engine to confirm high order matching speed. COBINHOOD’s order matching engine consists of microservices, together with frontend, API backend, order matching system, and job/message queue services deployed with longshoreman and Kubernetes to attain high availableness and high measurability. All of the group action records square measure hold on in hand tool dB, a Google Cloud Platform info that options sturdy consistency and also the ability to try and do horizontal automobile scaling. the knowledge of the order book is hold on in Redis cluster, Associate in Nursing in-memory info technology that includes horizontal automobile scaling and distributed in-memory replication. Transactions and order book updates square measure sent through internet Application electronic communication Protocol (WAMP) to attain period info update at each tick. In stress tests, COBINHOOD is in a position to method one,154,284 orders per second and deliver the goods ten,142 orderbook updates per second for every commerce combine on average — making it the world’s 1st cryptocurrency exchange capable of high-frequency commerce. At COBINHOOD, package development follows test-driven development (TDD). By exploitation longshoreman and Kubernetes along side CircleCI, continuous delivery (CD) and continuous integration (CI) we are able to guarantee system stability and strength.


COBINHOOD ICO participants are eligible for many privileges. as an example, five hundredth off margin commerce loan interest is availed once paid with COB tokens. Another privilege is, once COBINHOOD underwrites associate ICO, COB token holders are able to get future ICO tokens at considerably lower rates. the quantity of ICO. Tokens that a COB token holder will get at a lower rate is as follows:

(ICO Tokens Received by COBINHOOD from ICO Underwriting Service) * (The quantity of COBs Owned) / (Total quantity of COBs) COB token holders will bind their Ethereum notecase address, that is holding COB tokens to their COBINHOOD commerce platform account, by career the binding perform in COB token sensible contract. when the binding is complete, COB holders will get the ICO tokens at a lower rate on the COBINHOOD exchange. As associate example, COBINHOOD underwrites associate ICO for a token referred to as XYZ. the overall provision of XYZ tokens through ICO is 100M and COBINHOOD takes five-hitter as underwriter charge. 10M COB tokens holder can have a lower rate, i.e. : 5M * 10M / 1B = 50k XYZ tokens.

COBINHOOD can build efforts to maximise a COB token holder’s edges. Theremay be additional privileges for COB token holders within the future.

In the case of COBINHOOD ICO, their team looks to answer satisfactorily to the higher than queries. The core team members, advisors and technology team have established profiles on

As declared by them: “The COBINHOOD Technology Team consists of former staff from Google, Microsoft, Lenovo, big cat Mobile, Mozilla, and seventeen Media. Most of them ar graduates from the world’s prime universities, as well as university, MIT, Carnegie moneyman University, and UCLA”.

Well, we tend to aren’t simply taking their words for it. A careful check out their Linkedin profiles reveals their real identities as well as their levels of education, faculties attended, qualifications earned and past experiences. If need be, these details ar simply verifiable, each from the colleges and former colleagues.

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