Hello crypto lovers, here we got new token named TOKENBOX. Let’s read all about it below..


Tokenbox platform is associate system that brings along crypto-currency funds underneath the management of skilled portfolio managers and traders on the one hand and investors on the opposite. The technical solutions offered by Tokenbox modify investors to settle on among an enormous range of legal and audited funds for his or her cash to take a position during a safe and profitable manner. it’s additionally giving an outstanding platform for portfolio managers and traders to receive “ready to go” resolution and risk to make their own tokenized founds.

Investors square measure to be granted access to the most effective ways for managing funds on the Crypto market with a high degree of safety in these processes. Portfolio managers and traders, together with skilled teams, square measure to receive a ready-made “box” resolution for the creation of their own tokenized funds, operating professionally, transparently and among the applicable legal framework. The technical solutions offered by Tokenbox change the fund management method associated its development in an efficient and technologically safe manner. Thus, investors will build their selection between totally different legal and audited funds, in keeping with the inherent quantitative relation of risk and come back.


The Tokenbox team has nice expertise in finance and IT sector thus this project was a logical method for them in following the technological progress of blockchain. They determined to developed Tokenbox as crypto plus platform used for commercialism and tokenizing investment portfolios within the simple and secure method. The team was with success developed and managed The Token Fund on that foundations the new plan of Tokenbox has up. we tend to once we add variety of significant advisors to Tokenbox team then we got one extremely robust collective able to become dominant in crypto investment market in next few years. i have to say that there’s variety of groups and comes competitory for a district of this profitable and high growth market, however i’d create this team one in every of the longer term leaders during this space. the sole draw back of Tokenbox project is that we’ll got to expect 2018 to urge it absolutely operational.


Tokenbox is raising funds for his or her future development by organizing TGE — Token Generation Event (ICO) that starts in 18 days. they’re about to raise $20 million and except ETH and BTC as some way of payment. the worth of the token throughout TGE are going to be 1TBX — 1$ and also the variety of tokens are going to be fastened once the top of the sale, however less than 31 000 000 of TBX. Traders and fund managers can have to be compelled to have TGE tokens for usage of TokenBox platform. that the a lot of fashionable and used platform becomes the upper demand for TBX are going to be creating them a lot of valuable. On the Tokenbox roadmap, we are able to see that by the top of the year they’re about to list on a number of the exchanges and continue with a development of platform through 2018.

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