The Problem With Mayweather/McGregor

It seems like the whole world is talking about this upcoming fight, but most people are missing the point.

These are two people who are known for doing nearly anything to try to sell a fight, and they’re being elevated to the highest status world-wide, but nobody is really talking about the elephants in the room. Conor McGregor has, on multiple occasions, made some very offensive remarks based on the ethnicity of his opponents, and Floyd Mayweather has served time in prison for physically abusing a woman in front of her (and his) children.

When Conor was fighting a German man, for example, he resorted to calling him a Nazi in a quickly-deleted Tweet, and his “apology” follow-up tweet was simply just telling the man to shine his shoes.

When Conor was facing a man from Brazil, he talked about how in a different era, they wouldn’t be fighting, but rather that Conor would be riding through his favella on horseback and enslaving anyone who was fit to work.

It’s obviously in jest, and meant to get inside his opponents head, and no — we don’t need to rehash these bygones every time somebody fights, and frankly, these are cage fighters getting in there to try to make their opponents unconscious so it’s really the ultimate example of “sticks and stones”, but on that note — there are still some very problematic taunts being tossed around, and fans will often use it as a green light to start talking the same way.

Then you’ve got Mayweather, who has had his own issues. He plays the heel, I don’t believe that in “real life” he’s really as bad as his “character”, BUT he still has some demons in the past, and absolutely unforgivable things, like an assault charge his against his ex, where he put his hands on her in front of their kids. Granted, his side of the story is that he was trying to subdue her while she was doing the attacking, and I don’t believe anyone made the claim that he actually punched or struck her, but still — it’s kind of a issue.

Now, with all the big hype leading up to this spectacle of a fight, just remember we need to be careful who we glorify otherwise we’ll see more and more people following in the same footsteps.