6 Surprising Statistics about Stress around the World

Stress Has Become a “World Wide Epidemic”

6 Surprising Statistics about Stress around the World was first published in The Busy Lifestyle Magazine

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Statistics about stress, even if not collected on a regular or systematic basis, exist and they show the impact of the epidemic around the world.

The World Health Organization said stress has become a ‘World Wide Epidemic’

To prove this statement, we have selected stress statistics collected over the period ranging from 2009 to 2016, from US, UK, France, Australia, Japan and European Union.

We wanted to know which age group is more stressed, and how stressed the workers are.

We also wanted to know the answer to the “Are entrepreneurs really stressed?” question (keep reading, but if you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, you might not like it).

Further reading: It is by now proven that too much stress is not good for you. Learn about the impact of stress on your health and if that was scary enough, you are probably already looking for ways to reduce stress.

Some of the stress statistics we have selected look at the costs of stress and the impact stress has on the health of the population. All in all, the results should make us take a moment and reflect.

1. Stress Statistics by Gender

Source: American Psychological Association

On a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 means you have “little or no stress” and 10 means you have “a great deal of stress”, how would you rate your average level of stress during the past month?

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In 2015, in US, adults reported overall stress levels increased slightly, with greater percentages of adults reporting extreme levels of stress than in 2014.

They also report that stress has a negative impact on their mental and physical health, but they do not feel they are doing enough to manage their stress.

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