Hi Anxious One,
I am writing this for the ones suffering from anxiety and to tell you that you are not the only one, even if you already know this, it’s just a reassurance.

I’ve been busy a lot lately, not the kind the busy people generally are, it’s the kind of busy no one really wants to be, the kind of busy you are forced upon, the kind of busy you hate.

I have been busy working with anxiety, 7 days a week, 12 months a year and the saddest part in that all of this work is without a paycheck.
Anxiety can be extremely overbearing, especially when it takes a major part of the day and overshadows everything that you do. It can cripple you to a point that your daily menial tasks take a lot more time, discussions take a lot more load, overthinking never stops, and you feel everything is going wrong and despite the fact that you did everything right.

Anxiety doesn’t let you finish your work on time, it never gets off your back, constantly bugging you, makes you feel that its needs your attention ALL THE TIME. I mean, what kind of job is that.

Anxiety is the worst job you can have, the JD is boring, ZERO job satisfaction, but you still work for Anxiety, nevertheless. What can you do anyway? 
Anyone, out there who has the same job as mine.
Let’s discuss!

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