Spirituality VS. Religion. What supports you?

I am Kristina, and I am a spirit junkie.

I grew up going to church on Christmas and Easter, but that was about it for my religious/spiritual upbringing. My Yia-Yia (Greek Grandmother) would make me kneel at the end of my bed and pray with her every night when I spent Summers with my family in Greece. We thanked God for giving us a beautiful day, good food to eat, and a healthy and happy loving family to spend time with. It always felt good to pray, to appreciate, and bless the good things in life. But I never connected with a God, and it is hard to wrap my mind around putting a name or picture on something that no one even knows for sure exists.

As I went on through life, and took a big self help journey, I did find and connect to spirituality. I, like a lot of sensitive people, believe that many forms of spirituality, in addition to religion, are beautiful support systems honoring a community and a mindset that train us to be thankful, appreciative, and to always focus on the good. Maybe spirituality and religion relate more to the people who have had a tough life, or who are more sensitive and feel things deeper. Some may need that hope and need to believe that everything happens for a reason. Both spirituality and religion support us throughout our lives. They are both beautiful things to always be able to connect to. We can enter meditation or mindfullness to feel that support and connection. Maybe it is our own soul, or our higher self, or the universe, or a God that we connect to. Who knows? And we will never know. So the religious wars, the my way is right, and your way is wrong, it’s all bullshit. The reality of this physical lifetime is that we all experience our own inner reality. We all experience life and our daily circumstances differently from our neighbors. So whatever you want to believe, whatever supports you, follow it, pray to it, meditate on it, do whatever you need in this life to feel supported, loved, and happy. You should not feel shame around honoring yourself, connecting to, and supporting your sensitive side. Many people go through life ignoring this side. As a result life can feel like it is happening to you, rather than for you, without anywhere to turn.

For instance, some people have very practical, factual, and scientific minds. They rationalize things this way, and often don’t connect to any kind of spirituality. When I talk to some my friends about the Universe, sage, and law of attraction workshops, they often laugh and shake their heads, but they also support me in my beliefs. The point is that we don’t have to all agree, we don’t have to think the same, or believe what our friends, family, or even our significant others think. What we do need is respect, appreciation, and freedom to think and believe the way we want to. I have overcome some tough stuff in my life. From dealing with mental and alcohol abuse with close loved ones, to being dead broke with no clear path ahead, to feeling depressed and down, and overcoming anxiety and ADHD. I have experienced a lot, more than most should by my age. There is a reason why I turned to spirituality for support. There is a reason why I am happy, successful, and live a healthy balanced life today. There is a reason why I wake up feeling positive, motivated, and confident each day. And for that, I thank my supporting belief system and spirituality.

Based on my experiences, I have grown to believe in a higher purpose and power. I do believe that in my life everything has happened for a reason, and that I am here for a specific purpose. For those who cannot get on board with magical thinking, try thinking practically about it. For example, we all know that the placebo pill works. If you think it is working, it is working. If you think it is not working, then it won’t work. Whatever you believe and feel will be your reality. It is as simple as that. I invite you to play in the world of positive thinking and spirituality and to always have an open mind. Whatever serves you and makes you feel supported and happy, that’s what you should follow. Forget the rest, and make it about you and your journey. Honor what you need in your life. You are the only one who knows how to support yourself at the end of the day.

If you are curious in learning more about the power of mindfulness and positive thinking, I suggest starting here:

Living with Joy by Sanaya Roman: http://amzn.to/1LhGtSG

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle: http://amzn.to/1Pk2qRO

-Kristina XO (Find me on instagram: @busygirlboston)