Understanding Millennials

Soon, millennials will take over the world.

They are a generation who was born between 1980–2000.

Chances are these generations are quite savvy in using internet with a high mobility lifestyle.

They are fast learner as they might experienced change and new technology in a fast-paced environment.

Because of this high speed of change, they may have suffered with short attention span or what some people called as ‘instant generation’.

For example, back in 80’s or 90’s, to enjoy a story in a video format people must spend 2 hours or more in the theaters.

Then, the TV serials boomed, which offered 30 minutes story in average.

After that, in 2005, YouTube was founded and people only need 4 minutes to watch a story.

Now, most people find 10-15 seconds Instagram story is more interesting to watch, which also one of the most popular platform for millennials to spend most of their time online.

By understanding this particular phenomena, brands and marketers must be creative in telling their story with a clear message in a concise manner.

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