First Impression Syndrome

We come across many people in life, but how we react to each single one of them is different, it’s something that I personally like to call “First impression syndrome”, that mysterious phenomena happen to have a huge control over our perception of people.

Have you ever genuinely hated the existence of a person for no specific reason? Like really hated their guts even though they probably never done you any wrong?
I’m asking because it just hit me, why do we love or hate a person at first sight? Based on what do we build our love or hatred? What makes “X” so loveable while “X+1” to you represents pure evil.

I don’t know you, but I don’t like you!

The “Hidden” Standards

Do we love/hate based on race, religion, looks, political views, attitude, profession? Is it pure chemistry? Is it plain randomness?
Is it complete shallowness from our side to judge people not based on who they really are, but based on who we choose to believe they are?
I’m having difficulty answering these questions because honestly I couldn’t find any answer!

Could it be that every single one of us have his own “hidden” standards that they themselves know nothing about?

Some of you may already have figured out an answer, but to me the “real” answer will always remain a mystery, you can give me the whole subconscious crap, or claim it’s psychological, but I wouldn’t buy it! Because to me the “True” reason behind Love/Hate at first sight will always remain unknown until proven otherwise!

I don’t know you, but you’re cool!

The conclusion

  • Don’t try so hard to fit someone’s “hidden” standards, because you might never succeed.
  • The reason behind First impression syndrome is unknown, so don’t take it too personal!
  • You can never be loved by everyone that you know “unless you were some kind of a role model” but even those happen to have people that don’t like them.
  • If you’re too nice, DON’T BE! You’re simply giving people a reason to walk all over you, don’t be mean as well, just balance it!
  • You can never be hated by everyone “unless you were a total jerk” even in that case you’ll have at least a person or two that love you unconditionally!
  • If you’re a Jerk, CHANGE! People that happens to love you “now” may get fed up by your actions someday.
  • Don’t be such an attention whore!!! Nobody likes them, even if people make you “think” otherwise!
  • Loosen up! Life is too short to waste it on silly matters!
  • Fight for the stuff that matters, ignore the ones that don’t!
  • LIVE!! It’s a simple as that!

So until they find a reason to this, if it ever happened that I personally hated you at first sight please don’t take it too “personal” because I seriously have no control over it; Even though you could be one of the nicest people i’ll ever meet, i’ll continue to be repelled by you for no known reason, until I magically start loving you the same way I magically started hating you in the first place!

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