Coffee makes me better.

Stories from coffee worshiper from around the globe.

I can’t remember when I started to worship coffee, but I remember drinking it with my mother in the kitchen, at the dining table. Those were the rare moments in high school spent with my mum, silently enjoying hand-milled beans of coffee. We called it “turkish” coffee back at that time. That was the time when I started smoking (‘coz adults smoke, at age of 15 you know); so one day I sat down at dining table in front of my mother with a cup of black coffee, telling her I don’t want to hide, and let’s drink some coffee together and smoke. Well, smoking didn’t last longer than few years (in my case), but love for coffee did, today even stronger.

From that point till today; I’ve been in different phases of drinking coffee; from heavy drinker seeking for help a.k.a.”I drank 6 coffees I will bite you now”; till today where I, recommended by my ayurveda doctor Monica; drink only one black-no sugar-no milk added per day; therefore I wisely choose what to drink, especially when travelling. :)

This is an intro to my coffee stories worldwide, until the day I am going to tell you some more stories from my own coffee place.

Stay tuned.

But first, coffee for today.

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handmade coffee grinder from my grandmother, 39 y.o.; hand milled The Coffee Collective
Intens, frisk og floral aroma of jasmin, citrus og bergamot.