Hola from Barcelona!


I was at Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival 2017 at their second edition on May 5th & 6th along with 6.000 attendees, mostly from Spanish community of specialty coffee.

I missed Friday schedule, but was there the whole Saturday! On Saturday May 6th, alongside with the Poblenou Open Day, there was a big event in Espacio 88 open to anyone who felt curious to know more about 3rd wave of coffee. There was free unlimited coffee roasted by the best Spanish roasters, activities by some of the leading people in the local gastronomic scene like chefs, artisans and producers. This day had music, food, craft beer, natural wine, coffee-based cocktails and, of course, non-stop coffee! :)

11 coffee toasters were there: Familia Osorio, Esperanza Café, Nømad Coffee, Right Side Coffee, Hola Coffee, Slow Mov, Puchero Coffee, Sakona Coffee, Bluebell Coffee, D·Origen and Hidden Café.

I only missed Satan coffee, one of my favorite places for specialty coffee in Barcelona.