Oda to engineering

I’m always wondering how smart engineers can virtuously hide a complexity of things with an elegant solution.

Let’s take for example Apple TV. When I bought this device I was under the influence of complex things over the TV itself (broken abstractions, standards and a number of buttons on a remote) and didn’t expect any easy things with it.

But, currently, I have an ideal workflow, which I want to share with you. Now my TV is turned off and Apple TV is sleeping connected to it. If I want to turn it on and, for instance, watch to the talk on YouTube it is enough just to press the button on the picture bellow.

It will awake Apple TV, which will turn on the TV itself. The same I can do from any Apple device in my home.

And the best part that I don’t need to pick up my TV remote, because when I will turn off AirPlay, Apple TV will turn off TV and sleep again after a short period of time.

This magic is possible through the HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) http://elinux.org/CEC_(Consumer_Electronics_Control)_over_HDMI. And implemented by a bunch of devices from game consoles to streaming boxes.