The War On Drugs

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I’m going to just come out and say it. The war on drugs is a complete and epic failure! It costs billions to the taxpayers, and has not stopped drug use much, if at all. I also blame TWOD for the emergence of these so called “Designer drugs”. You know, the ones that have people eating faces and babies. All this war has done is make things worse. And is now a multi-billion dollar industry on both sides.

Nothing was learned by prohibition. The lesson there was that if you tell people, especially Americans. That they can’t do something. They will find a way. And you will catch hell stopping them. The prohibition era saw a dramatic increase in crime. Crime bosses making astounding profits by smuggling booze across the border to supply the illegal demand. Crime related fatalities grew. Due to someone “snitching” to the feds, or criminal organizations fighting over territory. And the Government finally had to concede defeat. It couldn’t be stopped, and it made things way worse.

Any of that sound familiar?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not exactly pro-drug. I am however pro-liberty. I despise meth. I’ve seen it destroy families. And the criminal element of the drug trade has an astounding body count. Mexican Cartels are so rich and powerful now, they are almost untouchable. Prescription drug abuse is almost as bad. I personally do not understand that either. Marijuana. A drug I consider less harmful than alcohol. Is criminalized to the point where just having it will land you in prison for years. And in too many cases, decades. While sex offenders and murderers get off a lot easier.

All this pain and stupidity can stop overnight. Just like it did in the 1930s. lift the anti-drug laws. Society will deal with it just like we have dealt with alcoholics. Nothing in the world is easy. But telling free people no you can’t. Will only make it so much worse.