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I hesitate to go on too much of a rant because this is your first article. But cmon, man.

How on Earth is this a successful draft for Calipari? Please explain that. The players drafted were:

Murray: Went about where you would expect given his HS prowess and college production.

Labissierre: Was the #2 player in his class coming out of HS. He did nothing at UK. He fell so far in the draft he barely nabbed a guaranteed contract, and that was only because Calipari LITERALLY got on the phone and called in a favor from a GM who is a family friend and has SIX mostly marginal Kentucky Wildcats on his NBA roster.

Ulis: Second round pick. No guaranteed contract. Will have to fight to make an NBA team despite Calipari declaring him the best guard in CBB and being a McDs AA and Top 40 Player coming out of HS.

Poythress: Undrafted. Played 4 years at UK. Never developed. Was hampered by injuries. Was ranked 8th in his class overall coming out of HS.

Marcus Lee: UK Upperclassmen who was a consensus Top 20 pick out of HS. Was an afterthought at UK. Declared for the draft and somehow swung a combine invite. Received such poor feedback that he withdrew from the draft and transferred to Cal.

So, how is that a successful draft in any sense? How????

How did Calipari “develop” kids whose pro opportunities are much worse now than they appeared before the went to UK?

How is being honest that you are the biggest slime ball in a cess pool a virtue?

Your style is easy to read and you may be a great writer one day but you won’t get there with puff pieces like this that ignore the facts.

To be fair, the rest of the media embarrassingly laps up Calipari’s schtick, too.

It’s just disappointing. Based on the headline and the video on the actual broadcast of Calipari scrambling, I was hoping for a rare, objective piece on him.

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