10 Things healthy people do differently (hint: it’s NOT eating salad)!

What do healthy people have in common? My guess would be the following 10 things! How many of them apply to you?

1) They are “immune” to health and dieting trends (because they know it’s all marketing)

Whether it’s a raspberry ketone craze, the latest belly fat banishing diet, or the newest reincarnation of a low carb diet, healthy people laugh because they know health trends usually have nothing to do with BEING healthy!

2) They love and support their local farmer

Giving some love and appreciation to the local farmer that grows your food is yet another way to support small sustainable farms over factory farms and monocropping.

3) They listen to their body more than a doctor, and don’t trust any one person to make their health decisions for them

In the world of Western Medicine, it can be dangerous to trust any one medical opinion as bond. Healthy people get a second opinion when something feels wrong, and they seek out natural alternatives whenever possible.

4) They know that health starts with spending time in the kitchen

It’s pretty hard to be healthy if you can’t spend a few minutes in the kitchen everyday preparing food.

5) They see food costs as an investment in “healthcare”

Healthy people are aware that many pharmaceutical drugs are just a synthetic imitation of plant compounds. In order to patent a drug, you need to synthetically alter it because nothing found in nature can be patented. So you see aspirin inspired by the salicylic acid in white willow bark, and valium inspired by compounds in valerian root. Take this as further confirmation that real food is indeed medicine!

6) They vote with their fork, especially when it comes to GMO’s and pesticides

When it comes to eating, healthy people walk the walk, not just talk the talk! They choose organic, local and non-GMO foods whenever possible over the alternative.

7) They take pride in eating nourishing foods that their great grandmothers would recognize as food

Would your great grandmother smother margarine on her toast or cook her foods in canola and soybean oil– something that her body didn’t crave? I don’t think so.

8) They look for short ingredient lists, and know what they are putting in their body

Before processed food, there were NO INGREDIENT lists, just home-cooked food! Take that as a clue and always keep your ingredient lists on the shorter side, always make sure you can clearly pronounce and identify them!

9) They listen to their body and eat what they want when they want it

Your body is much smarter than you give it credit for, and your cravings will usually mirror macro-nutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) or micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals) needed by your body to maintain health!

10) They eat ENOUGH food to get the nutrients they really need!

Any time you limit calories or food intake, you restrict the nutrients you consume! Healthy people know this and eat ENOUGH of the right foods to satisfy their body and their nutritional bank account!

What else do healthy people do? They keep their nutritional debt under well under control. Take the quiz below to find out if your nutritional debt is holding you back from truly being healthy:

Agree or disagree with these 10 habits of healthy people? Please share in the comments!

Originally published at butternutrition.com on December 9, 2014.

Don’t Diet, Get Nutritionally Wealthy!

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