Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

1. Discord

Discord is a mainstay in my relationship. It’s the primary source of communication between my partner and myself. We were already speaking in Discord as friends, so it only made sense to keep using it once our relationship transitioned.

2. Skype

Thanks to the pandemic, there are a ton of new video call companies. Zoom is one of the most popular now. However, my lady and I still rely on Skype for our video calls. That isn’t to say that Zoom or other video call apps aren’t useful, we just always felt comfortable with Skype. We had no need to try anything else.

3. LokLok

I am not an artist. My lady has a few skills — although she refuses to admit it. However, LokLok is a fun app that all long-distance relationship partners should try. It allows you to create doodles, then sends them to your partner. They can use those doodles as their new lock screen on their phone.

4. Rave

One big problem that many people in a long-distance relationship have is they’re unable to easily listen to music together or watch movies together. My lady and I love watching TV together. It was always a struggle to ensure we pressed play at the same time to watch the show at the same time.

5. Lovesense Remote

On the adult side of things, nothing can bring more fun to your relationship than the Lovesense Remote. This is an app and toy that syncs together. One person controls the toy while the other person, well, wears it. You can use your imagination as to what happens. I hope.



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